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Tales of the Trade features the UAE’s pioneers & the stories behind the companies and communities they’re bringing to life. Each episode highlights the challenges & triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey & a legacy in the making.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. (Bonus) Socialize

    We just can’t get everything into our episodes, and occasionally there are conversations and snippets from our interviews that we think you’d enjoy. Starting today, we being you the bonus series behind Season 1 of our show. On this bonus episode, our producer Gaya brings you some of these snippets ...


  2. Socialize: Akanksha Goel

    A series of fortunate accidents led to the birth of Socialize Agency, but transforming a one-woman army into a multi-million Dirham agency, recently acquired by the We Are Social Network, was no accident. Do pull up a chair and join our conversation with Akanksha Goel, Founder of Socialize. **Credits** This episode ...


  3. Season trailer

    Our new season launches September 25. We hope you pull up a chair and join the conversation! You can also find out more about our show’s production by checking out our behind-the-scenes episodes: [BTS1](https://talesofthe.trade/bts1) and [BTS2](https://talesofthe.trade/bts2). If you haven’t already, do subscribe in your favourite podcast player, including: * [Apple Podcasts](https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tales-of-the-trade/id1289661340?mt=2) * ...


  4. BTS 2: Music identity, with Reiner Erlings

    On this behind the scenes episode, a chat with our show’s composer Reiner Erlings, on what goes into creating a music theme & how the show’s concepts and motifs influenced its sonic identity. ICYMI, do catch [our first behind the scenes](https://talesofthe.trade/bts1) about the role of the show’s producer with Gaya. ...


  5. BTS 1: What does a producer do?

    The countdown to a new season has begun! Join us for the first behind the scenes look at the Tales of the Trade production. On this bonus episode, we get our producer [Gaya](https://amaeya.fm/talesofthetrade/b/365b718e646332/) in front of a mic talking about her role, the power of audio, & what’s coming up ...