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Tales of the Trade features the UAE’s pioneers & the stories behind the companies and communities they’re bringing to life. Each episode highlights the challenges & triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey & a legacy in the making.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. BONUS: Introducing a new show, KarāmaSūtra

    We're gearing up towards our next season, coming late-2019, so do stay tuned for that! On this bonus episode, we're introducing you to the newest show from the AMAEYA Media Network, KarāmaSūtra, chronicles from communities we've grown up with. Sample the first part of the premiere, and you can listen to ...


  2. The tale of two pop ups

    We conclude our summer season with a bonanza episode featuring not one, but two startups that are closely entwined in their operations & their personal journeys. So pull up a chair & join our conversation with two entrepreneurs who came together to create a special blend of art with food; the ...


  3. Qafila: Atif Rafiq & Jithin Manoharan

    Pull up a chair & join the conversation with Atif Rafiq & Jithin Manoharan, co-founders at Qafila who told us the tale of how the two University batchmates are bringing logistics & technology together ... at last. **Credits** This episode was hosted by Chirag Desai, produced by Gaya & our ...


  4. Crank: Nuno Fernandes

    Two’s a company, three’s a crowd but four ... is a party. Pull up a chair & join our conversation with Nuno Costa Fernandes, one of the founders of Crank, a boutique fitness studio looking to turn the indoor cycling workout into a party on a bike. **Credits** Special thanks ...


  5. Season 2 drops July 2!

    Tales of the Trade is back with a special summer season in July. Over the course of 3 episodes, you’ll hear from startups making a mark in health & fitness, logistics & art. So pull up a chair & join our conversation, starting with Nuno Fernandes of Crank on July 2. **Credits** ...