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Tales of the Trade features the UAE’s pioneers & the stories behind the companies and communities they’re bringing to life. Each episode highlights the challenges & triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey & a legacy in the making.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Aegis Hospitality: Samer Hamadeh

    Over a decade ago, a young man left behind his masters program to move to the UAE. It didn't take long for him to spot an opportunity to branch out on his own and today--as much as he hates the term--can only be defined as a serial entrepreneur. Pull up ...


  2. Nabbesh: Loulou Khazen

    Building a successful technology platform and a business model that is sutainabile is hard enough; doing that without a technology background in a part of the world not exactly conducive to the gig economy requires a steely determination. So pull up a chair & join our conversation with Loulou Khazen, ...


  3. BONUS: Arafaat Ali Khan (Middle East Film & Comic Con)

    On a special bonus episode, how Arafaat's eventual career has roots in his childhood, and what happened to those two girls who served as a catalyst to getting it all started? Arafaat Ali Khan co-founded the Middle East Film & Comic Con in Dubai. You can find the full episode in ...


  4. Middle East Film & Comic Con: Arafaat Ali Khan

    In the late 2000s, halfway across the world from the premiere event in the pop culture scene--the [San Diego Comic Con](http://comic-con.org)--a young man couldn’t understand why the Middle East didn’t have one of these mega events for the aficionados of comic books & pop culture. Pull up a chair & ...


  5. Gulf Photo Plus & Seeing Things: Mohamed Somji

    Just as the smartphone was revolutionizing the camera industry post-2007, a young expat was leaving behind his career as a brand marketer to become a photojournalist. Pull up a chair & join our conversation with Mohamed Somji, Director of Gulf Photo Plus & Founder, Seeing Things Photography. **Credits** Hosted & ...